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The Company undertakes the project and construction management of large scale project having in the past been involved in sports facilities overall construction management, motorway construction management, harbor construction management and aiming in such type of services in the future alongside large groups of international companies worldwide active in such type of services.

Project and construction management, are among the Company’s main activities. These involve the supervision, consulting, checking and design of projects during construction as well as the support of the Client of funding Authority in these domains.

The project types involved in respect to their financing are:

+ Privately funded projects
+ PPP of PFI projects
+ Concession Projects
+ State funded projects
+ ECB, EIB (or relevant) funded projects

Such tasks in the last years have involved projects as:

• Consulting in tunnel construction projects (Ionia, E65, Greece)
• Consulting in motorway concession projects (Ionia, EKKPT, Greece)
• Consulting in embankment co
• Project management in sports facilities (Athens 2004 Olympic Games)
• Project management in state motorway projects (Tripoli–Kalamata motorway, Greece)
• Project management in harbor projects (Patras harbor, Greece)
• Project management in sewage projects (Salamina sewage system, Greece)

In all such tasks, the company involves expert, trained and experienced personnel with high level scientific, technical and communication abilities and knowledge of the specific conditions of the individual projects. Furthermore the company has developed the necessary means of managing large scale projects by use of the relevant software models and quality assurance procedures.