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Drilling, testing and monitoring are all of central importance to the Company’s objectives. By owning an extensive number of drilling machinery and related testing equipment, the Company obtains all necessary geotechnical, geophysical and geological data to support design tasks and performs close follow up to projects constructed on the basis of its own designs, or constructed under its close supervision.

The Company has a significant site investigation activity and in this frame, it owns a significant number of fully equipped state of the art drilling rigs and related equipment for the execution of deep, inclined horizontal and normal sampling boreholes. It also owns a number of equipment for in situ testing of soil and rock formations, as dilatometers, pressure meters, cone penetrometers etc.

The laboratory performs a wide variety of tests in the field of Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics and aggregate testing. It is equipped with “state of the art” laboratory testing equipment, which is operated by highly qualified personnel.

The Company has significant experience in planning, execution and evaluation of the results of geophysical methods and investigations both in the field of prediction as well as in the field of confirmation of collected results in respect with underground site conditions. The geophysical methods are considered to offer significant financial and time scale advantages and therefore offer the mean for deriving correct conclusions regarding the subsoil conditions, in connection with the results of the geological investigations.

The company provides short and long term monitoring solutions for all types of construction works and structures (geotechnical, water, rail, environmental, steel structures, noise and vibration) by using modern techniques, equipment and software. From designing monitoring studies, implementation of monitoring software to data management and data assessment, Company’s monitoring specialists have been successfully involved in several large infrastructure projects