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Engineering design and consulting disciplines constitute one of the Company’s main fields of activity, the effort always being to produce state of the art, environmentally friendly, cost effective designs inside competitive time frames.

  • + Geotechnical Design
  • The Company specializes in all aspects of geotechnical design of infrastructure projects, aiming in the best possible evaluation of underground conditions and subsequently in cost effective high construction efficiency up to date designs.

  • + Structural Design
  • The Company has an extensive experience in all types of structural designs of infrastructure projects mainly focusing on underground projects (tunnel linings, cut & covers, subways etc.). It specializes further on the design of building complexes, bridges, retaining walls, sports facilities and other related types of structures.

  • + Environmental Design
  • The Company elaborates Environmental Impact Assessment Designs for infrastructure projects in order to estimate the possible positive or negative impact that a proposed project may have on the environment, while taking into account the natural, social and economic aspects. Also company’s fields of interest are Landfill Designs, Rehabilitation Environmental Designs (quarries, mines, contaminated and derelict land) as well as EU programs on Areas Development and Management.

  • + Geological & Seismic Design
  • The Company covers the fields of Geological and Hydro-geological Investigations and Designs, based on its lengthy and large scale project experience, expert personnel and wide range of equipment in these fields. The geological designs, comprise of the elaboration of geological mapping, surveying and monitoring in order to identify the geological conditions of a geological area.

  • + Natural Resources Research & Consulting
  • Natural resources research is a discipline, requiring the combination of geological, geophysical, chemical and technical- mechanical methods.
    Since efficient, global and cost effective approaches and solutions are required for such a task, a single company for fully integrated feasibility studies is appropriate.