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+ Mining Geology & Resource Estimation

Natural resources research is a discipline, requiring the combination of geological, geophysical, chemical and technical- mechanical methods.
Since efficient, global and cost effective approaches and solutions are required for such a task, a single company for fully integrated feasibility studies is appropriate.

General Consulting ISTRIA, has long and overall experience in dealing with mining and resource estimation projects, providing accurate solutions. The scientific approaches are following certain paths through which the contribution of several disciplines is required.

In mining exploration the main targets are summarized as follows:

  • Resource estimation, classification and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping studies through to feasibility studies and operating mines.
  • Metal accounting and production reconciliations.
  • Determination of structural controls on mineralization for use in near-mine and regional exploration programs.
  • 3D geometrical modeling of complex ore bodies for mineral estimation.
  • Practical advice on the acquisition of pertinent structural data.

General Consulting ISTRIA has experienced personnel to produce such feasibility studies, focusing on providing achievable options, objective opinions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks.

Our multi skilled expert teams can be successful in the elaboration of:

GEOLOGICAL DESIGNwhich is fundamental to any exploration for mineral fuels and ores providing fully knowledge of underground conditions which must be gained at the early stages.

GEOPHYSICAL INVESTIGATION RESEARCH in order to ensure the geological prediction accuracy value. The contribution of our highly skilled Geophysical data processing experts and seismic interpreters provides valuable data concerning underground conditions.

DEEP DRILLING INVESTIGATION PROGRAMS, in order to produce detailed conclusions and recommendations for resource definition.

GEOTECHNICAL DESIGNS in order to develop appropriate, cost-effective solutions for each site installation.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANCY mainly for efficient water management which is essential to nearly all mining and mineral processing activities and must be dutifully considered during each development and operational cycle – from preliminary approvals, production, de-commissioning and closure – and its practices must adhere to stringent environmental and socially responsible policies, with due consideration of the company .